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Air Pressure Experiments (Science Experiments For Kids)

This post is a compilation of air pressure experiments for kids.

Air has weight which exerts force on everything at all times. The force exerted by air over a given area is called atmospheric pressure. It is the weight of atmosphere pressing down on earth’s surface. It is measured using a barometer. Air pressure decreases with increasing altitude.

This is because layers of air reduce with increase in height form the ground. You will notice your oxygen demand increases at high altitude. You may also experience discomfort when in an airplane. This is caused by changes in air pressure.

Air pressure can change when an object accelerates or wind blows. These changes provide cool science experiments.

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How To Make a Parachute

Want to learn how to make a parachute? You’re in the right place! Read on 😉

Parachutes are designed to aid free fall. The major function of a parachute is to reduce the speed at which an object falls to the ground as a result of gravity pull. Parachutes are used for safety and recreational activities.

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