About Science Experiments For Kids.

Science plays a vital role in our everyday life and as a result of this, it’s importance cannot be overemphasized.

You’re probably reading this page with your cell phone, or a laptop computer, do you know that basis of the technology used in creating that device?

What if we have kids that love science as early as 5 years old? Imagine how volume of scientific knowledge they would have acquired before they reach college age? Imagine how easy biology classes would be to them…

The website science experiment for kids is aimed at making science a very interesting field to kids. When we get them to love science at a very early stage, we can be rest assured that when the time comes; they would make a good scientist.

Through simple home experiments, I intend to introduce kids to the fun, cool and interesting aspect of science and hopefully, this will influence their choice in choosing a future career.

And also increase their general knowledge of how things around them works. Kids won’t just be a user, they would be an inventor as well.

About Me.

science experiments for kidsScience is something I find very fascinating…. The ability to pick something up, look at it critically and make inference about it is what attracted me to sciences.

Currently studying bio-medical sciences with option in human anatomy.

Over the years, I have met different kinds of people, what I observed however is that, the smartest of them are those with me fullearly exposure to their chosen field.

I was searching for some science experiment for kids ideas one night, and I discovered that a larger percentage of the website out there are created without putting kids in mind… So I decided to start a website whose main focus would be kids experiment.

I hope someone would find the content of this website resourceful.


That’s me holding somebody’s scapula right there..